Padma Resort, Lauhajong, Munshigonj

Padma resort is designed for people who are in desperate need for relaxation and spending some time away from the daily drudgery .The specialty for the resort is it’s location just a 100 minutes drive from Dhaka and you will find yourself in front of the mighty padma river. Then what, just a 5 minutes boat drive and you and your relaxation will be bonded together.


Nazrul Islam (General Manager)
Mobile : 01712-170330, 01752-987688
Phone : 8628878
Dhaka Office : 6/A-1, Concept Tower(5th Floor), 68-69 Green Road (Near Panthopath signal), Dhaka-1205,Bangladesh.
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Resort Location: Lauhajang, Munshigonj, (Opposite Bank of Lauhajang Police Station)

Amenties & Specials:

Out door: - Lavish beach chair in a vast green sandy beach for relaxation.

Restaurant: - A well furnished restaurant that can accommodate formal dinner for 120 persons and can be converted for conferencing too. A big open to air terrace to facilitate comfortable gathering from where you can experience scenic beauty of the tranquil river, millions of twinklinstars etc.

River ride:- a. Rubber Boat b. Speed Boat. c.Country Boat d. Fishing Boat (All with life jacket)

Games:- Exciting out door games & activities like foot ball, beach Volley Ball, badminton, kite flying, frees bie ha-du-du and other native games.

Food: -Fresh and formalin free HILSHA & other fishes from Padma River also Vegetables, beef, chicken, duck with local seasonal fresh fruits are available.

Cottage Rent & Food Charg:

a. Cottage rent for day long (10am to 6pm) Tk.2, 000/= upto 10 pers.

b. Cottage rent for 24 hours (10am to10am) Tk 3,000/= upto 4 pers.

c.Lunch/Dinner @Tk.300/= (Plain Rice/Polao, Vegetable, Hilsha fish from Padma River, Local chicken/Beef, Small Fish, Daal & salad).

d. Break fast Tk.100/= per person by Ruti/ Parata, Vegetable, Daal, Egg & Tea.

15% VAT will be applicable on all charges.

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