Overall, Bangladesh is an extremely cheap place to enjoy your travel. Budget travellers would be better served by a budget of US$10 per day, which would allow for cleaner accommodation choices and healthier food. A midrange traveller will find US$15-25 per day to be more than suitable, allowing the comfort of an air-conditioned room most nights and a filling meal at an upmarket restaurant at least once per day. Naturally all these numbers could double when staying in the big cities or when shopping. Budget even more if you plan on hard drinks, which are cheaper if you visit local bars.

Luxury travellers will have trouble finding things to spend their money on outside Dhaka and Chittagong, although some tours, especially boat trips, can run to over US$100 per person per day. However, comfortable journey to some distinctive spots (like journey to Tanguar Haor, Birishiri, Durgapur or enchanting destination in the remote areas of hilly zone of the country and so on) requires little higher budget. Car-hire prices have risen with worldwide fuel prices, with any car service outside Dhaka costing at least US$40-50 per day, and that's just for a sedan or microbus. Everyday items will usually be quite cheap: mineral water costs around 10 cents for a 500m1 bottle, and a pack of cigarettes usually less than a dollar. Local bus rides will usually be well under US$5 and luxury air-conditioned buses between divisional capitals just over US$10. Prices start to get a lot more expensive when dealing with imported items like cheese, alcohol and pasta. Books can be much cheaper in Bangladesh although that's only when they are printed in India and not imported from outside south Asia.

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