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Honeymoon Planning: A Major Issue Avoided by Most Couples

Today I want bring a controversial issue to front of all our readers. A frontier contains with lots of debates. The debate is on how to plan your Honeymoon Getaway. Before we go into deeper discussion let’s find the brief explanation of “What is Honeymoon”. According to Wikipedia:

“A honeymoon is the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion. Today, honeymoons by Westerners are often celebrated in destinations considered exotic and/or romantic”.

So, mostly the term honeymoon is appropriate for newly wedded couple to have some romantic intimacy for a period of time. A honeymoon episode is also a great aspect of knowing each other of the newlyweds. In such an event most people want to get more privacy and more leisure options. But as of our national tradition, most honeymoon planning are done so scattered and lack of harmonious organization effort that may bring a honeymoon gateway to an irritating experience rather than luscious.

Now the question mark can be putted, what are the problems behind?

We can summarize the issues, as:

  1. The planning is not done with proper research and very less time is provided to arrange for such a big event
  2. In the planning stage opinion from both of the couple is not been considered
  3. For very silly reasons the couples are choosing relatively crowdy places
  4. Honeymoon is considered as the last event on a wedding program, so the budget is not given a major consideration
  5. Occassionally the event is arrange on a pick seasons that ruin the principal purpose behind
  6. Bring the in-laws and siblings on honeymoon as if it a family gateway
  7. Copycat other’s honeymoon experiences

Theses seven planning level faults can cause to ruin your honeymoon. It is your most desirous event of your life; just for some simple causes should you like to ruin it?

Now the points to ponder what are the hidden strategies to arrange an intimating and romantic gateway for a great honeymoon.

Plan, Review & Share: For any successful event there is no better strategy then to have it planned appropriately. You should share your future (newlywed) spouse about your honeymoon destination and other attributes. Please do not put your extra determination to stick on your selected place. Finalize the destination by discussing with your companion. It is important to compromise from both ends to select a best destination, not by sacrificing one’s interest and winning other’s.

Make the Appropriate Budget: Budgeting is the major issue for arranging a great event. Before finalize the budget please review all available options, like you can select a budget airline, book a hotel/all inclusive resort on their off-peak season and ask for their best price deals. Do consider that for the wedding budget, you must not compromise with the honeymoon budget.

Try to get into less crowd places: Before selecting a honeymoon destination consider for your utmost privacy. For security reason couples are choosing destinations those are popular among general travelers. Keep in mind that security should be the utmost consideration but you cannot tradeoff it with the privacy breaches. For more security consideration you can select among the luxurious all inclusive resorts on home or abroad.

You are on honeymoon not a shopping tour: You will get lots of opportunities on your next years for shopping. So try to spend less time on shopping get more time together, it will help you to strengthen the bondage between you.

Prove you have a dignified personality: Keep in mind; it is your right time to prove your personality in front of your new life companion. Try to prove, you are reliable, compassionate and humorist person. Never attempt to force him/her for anything that s/he is not prepared or not willing to do so. When you are on the public place, you should obey the local customs and behave appropriately.

 Schedule some surprises: You can arrange some surprising moment for your spouse during your honeymoon. Now the appropriate question is how you can surprise your companion? It is a million dollar question, but the answer is very simple. You can purchase a special gift, book a special spa or secretly wardrobe most arousing lingerie you have purchased recently.

Create some great memories: At the end of the day your honeymoon is an experience that you kept on your memory for long, even on your 50th Anniversary you can be nostalgic to remember all those happenings. So try something new, something unusual but not something absurd and incautious.

I can write more pages about planning and organizing of your honeymoon. You can also consult with relevant experts, your travel agent or your relatives and friends. But at the end, you are the master to make the event memorable and enjoyable. We do expect with your intelligence with proper research and planning, you can create a great event that is privileged and privately arranged only for two and for no one else. It’s the secret of a great honeymoon getaway.